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A personalized recall and treatment follow-up service for your dental practice.

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Full Schedule Offers a Personalized Service Tailored to the Needs of Your Practice.

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Your Full Schedule specialists will only communicate with your patients 8:00am to 7:00pm local time, so there’s never any midnight or early bird calls and texts.


Organic acquisition and retention through personalized messaging and HIPAA-safe, secure communication.


Weekly and monthly reports detailing every appointment, ROI, and communication made to fill your schedule.


Utilize this service with no contract obligations, month-to-month billing. You don't pay unless your patients schedule!

Why choose Full Schedule?

  • Personalized Patient Engagement: Each message we craft is tailored to the individual patient, ensuring a warm and inviting tone that resonates. Whether it's been months or years since their last appointment, our communication strategies are designed to motivate your patients to return, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Experienced Dental Professionals, All U.S.-Based: Our team stands apart with its unique composition—every scheduler at Full Schedule is not only an experienced dental professional but is also based in the United States. This blend of deep industry knowledge and cultural attunement allows us to communicate effectively and understand the specific needs of your practice and patients.
  • Enhanced Practice Reputation: With Full Schedule, your practice will be known not just for excellent dental care, but also for outstanding patient communication. We handle every interaction with the utmost professionalism, enhancing your reputation and ensuring a seamless experience for your patients.

Let Full Schedule take your patient communications to the next level. Our expert team is ready to help you boost appointment rates, complete pending treatments, and build lasting relationships with your patients.

Actual Results...and still counting!

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*results shown from 1/2024

What our clients say...

"Full Schedule has been essential for my practice. It is such a relief to have another employee that can schedule patients without distractions of the office. Our scheduler is always available either by email or text and it is effortless to set and change parameters so that people get put in the right place at the correct time slot using our existing office software. It removes many of the obstacles that can interrupt my cash flow like sick or absent employees and a busy front desk. I absolutely recommend this service to anyone who wants to increase their cash flow while not overwhelming existing team members."

- Leigh Bailey Werner, DDS, Evansdale Family Dentistry

"We are enjoying tremendous success utilizing Full Schedule's appointment booking services. Nicole, Terri and Krista are a pleasure to work with, are very responsive, and truly care about doing a great job for our office. We have an extremely good working relationship and meet monthly to discuss our collective strategic goals and how to maintain a stellar level of success booking patients and maximizing production. The web portal is solid and provides key metrics that we rely upon to set production goals and gauge profitability and trends. We are currently booking 60 new appointments per month with the assistance of the Full Schedule team. I highly recommend them."

- Matthew Slater, General Counsel, Brookline Smile Artists, PC

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